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Australian Tarmac Rally are pleased to announce that as of today, Samsonas Motorsport has signed on as our first category sponsor for the 2021 ATRC season.

Samsonas Motorsport Au/NZ is the authorised distributor for Samsonas Motorsport Transmissions and Suspensions Systems, in Australia and New Zealand. Motorsport is in their DNA.

“We are very excited to be partnering up with Australian Tarmac Rally, as a category sponsor for the 2021 ATRC season. We find the Super Rally category to be a perfect fit for our support, as it resonates well with our passion to allow everyday race car enthusiasts to modify their car in a way that can really make them feel like they are piloting a professional rally spec machine.” Director, Jason Wright quotes.

“It’s well worth considering that motorsport of any kind, is generally 90% Build and Preparation, 5% Driving and app 5% Bragging at the pub."

Executive Director, Brittany Smith says "Jason, along with his wife Fiona have supported us from day one - and even before ATR, in our other ventures. Their support means so much to us, and they are always the first to enter our events. So not only are they now competing in Super Rally themselves, they are now the category sponsor! We are glad to have them along side of us as we grow."

If you are an aspiring race car technician who enjoys the 90% and also fancies the thought of piloting proper race spec rally car, then get on board, read our Tech Regs and start building your dream tarmac rally car today.

We all look forward to hearing the stories of your cars development journey at the pub after the next ATR round. If you enjoy in the mantra “Built-Not-Brought” then the “ATR Samsonas Super Rally Category”, is the class for you.

For more details on Samsonas Au/NZ, head to: or email

Sponsorship enquiries - or call 03 9111 9929


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