RallySafe units are required in all vehicles with the unit hire being automatically included in your entry.

RallySafe is the leader of the next generation of rally management systems.


Combining world-leading sensors and communication platforms into a robust, lightweight package ideal for all forms of rallying, RallySafe provides a huge range of features in four key areas; safety, timing, tracking and management.

The purpose-built system has been developed specifically to allow RallySafe to make motorsport safer, more accurate, more accessible for spectators and easier to run for marshals and organisers. 


ATR will liaise directly with RallySafe and your unit will be ready for collection at documentation.


Required accessories such as fitting kits, mounts, antenna's etc. are able to be purchased directly from RallySafe via their online shop.


  • Stage name

  • Car number

  • Current time

  • Time into stage

  • Speed

  • Average speed

  • Auto tripmeter

  • Resettable tripmeter

  • Liaison and stage times

  • Proximity safety alerts

  • Overtake requests

  • Messages from Race Control

  • Special speed management (eg quiet zones)

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