Australian Tarmac Rally, rebranded and launched in May 2020, is a company backed by tarmac rally enthusiasts who aim to produce value for money, top level tarmac rallies in and around the stunning Victorian Alpine and Gippsland regions.


Our team at ATR, whilst small, have a combined 14 years experience in the tarmac rally world. We’ve enjoyed competing, volunteering, owning and organising world-renowned events such as Targa Tasmania, Targa High Country, Targa North West/Targa Hellyer Gorge, Adelaide Rally/Classic Adelaide and the inaugural Targa Great Barrier Reef - which has helped us develop the skills required to promote and run rallies all around Australia.


We have also broken down barriers, being the first and only fully female owned motorsport event management company in Victoria, and we are very excited to continue to promote the long tradition of tarmac rallying in this country.

Our events offer the ultimate tarmac rally experience for modern, classic cars and everything in between providing an exciting challenge for all crews, no matter what car or category they compete in.

Tarmac rally is a unique style of motorsport which is conducted on public roads which have been closed to all traffic. What makes tarmac rallying so unique is crews & vehicles face the ever-changing variety of road conditions, surfaces and weather as they complete each stage. No stage is ever the same.


ATR crews are required to do a reconnaissance of the stages and overall course during normal road times and speeds prior to the event.

Our Competition category is for fully licensed rally drivers, competing in special stages against the clock in vehicles which meet full tarmac rally specifications.

Our speed limited category is Rally Challenge. Rally Challenge offers our competitors the opportunity to compete while only making minimum modifications to their vehicle, and adhering to a limited maximum speed.


The Regularity category is where entrants drive each stage of the event in a specified time at a specified average speed. If they arrive late or early, there are penalties, and the crew with the lowest number of penalties is the winner.

Our ever-growing and exceedingly popular Experience (Tour) category allows all would-be rally drivers a ‘taste’ of tarmac rallying by driving their road car behind an experienced leader who demonstrates the right techniques. The Experience is a great way to sample all that tarmac rally has to offer, allowing the participants to gauge their level of commitment and enthusiasm before potentially stepping into the Competition category.

To find out more about our categories that we offer, please CLICK HERE


"Our focus here at ATR, will be to continue to provide challenging, exhilarating and affordable tarmac rallies, with an emphasis on friendship and fun. I am personally thrilled to again be interacting with so many like-minded motorsport enthusiasts, and I really look forward to working with all competitors and participants to provide great tarmac rally experiences now, and at all future ATR events.” - Pamela Stables

"We are very excited to continue the long tradition of tarmac rallying in not only Victoria, but Australia-wide. With the recent tough times, we are hoping this will give people some light at the end of the tunnel and something to look forward to. We have some great plans for the events, and we are looking forward to growth in the years ahead” - Brittany Smith