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Australian Tarmac Rally, rebranded and launched in May 2020, is a company backed by tarmac rally enthusiasts who aim to produce value for money, top-level tarmac rallies in and around the stunning Victorian Alpine and Gippsland regions, with our main focus being on full competition vehicles & teams.


Our team at ATR, whilst small, has a combined 14 years of experience in the tarmac rally world, from competing, to volunteering, to operating the world-renowned Targa Tasmania, Targa High Country, Targa North West from 2014 - 2019, while also being the main event organisers for the inaugural Targa Great Barrier Reef in 2018.

This has helped us develop the skills required to promote and run rallies at all levels. 


We have also broken down barriers, being the first and only fully female-owned motorsport event management company in Victoria, and we are very excited to continue to promote the long tradition of tarmac rallying in this country.

Australian Tarmac Rally events offer the ultimate tarmac rally experience for modern, classic cars and everything in between providing an exciting challenge for all crews, no matter what car or category they compete in.

Tarmac rally is a unique style of motorsport that is conducted on public roads which have been closed to all traffic. What makes tarmac rallying so unique is crews & vehicles face the ever-changing variety of road conditions, surfaces and weather as they complete each stage. No stage is ever the same.


ATR crews are required to do a reconnaissance of the stages and overall course during normal road times and speeds prior to the event.

Our Competition category is for fully licensed rally drivers, competing in special stages against the clock in vehicles which meet full tarmac rally specifications.

Our ever-growing and exceedingly popular Tour category allows all would-be rally drivers a ‘taste’ of tarmac rallying by driving their road car behind an experienced leader who demonstrates the right techniques. The Tour is a great way to sample all that tarmac rally has to offer, allowing the participants to gauge their level of commitment and enthusiasm before potentially stepping into the Competition category.

To find out more about all the categories we offer, please CLICK HERE


Hi Britt, I'm sending you this mainly because I personally think at this point you & Pam need to understand just how much I appreciate what you guys do for all of us in the Tarmac Rally community in Australia . 


Since you guys have taken over the running of ATR events prior to Covid (which if I'm honest I thought you may not come out the other side) you have not only shown how professional you all are, but also just how much compassion you have for all of your competitors & support people.


For me, I enjoy nothing more than racing at ATR events & have done so for many years now, it is not just about the competition, it's also about the fun that we have along the way.


The other thing that I don't think a lot of people understand is just how much time & effort plus financial commitment goes into running events like this & if yourself & Pam along everyone else involved continue to run events under AASA into the future, I will wholeheartedly support you guys. 

- Greg Bass

Incredibly well organised Events, So easy to deal with and Extremely helpful for newcomers to the sport.

Amazing roads to Race and Very competitive. 

The family feel to the events make it so much more enjoyable than any other events we have attended.

We found a Race to Call Home.

- Justin Waterhouse

As a new comer to tarmac rally in 2022  I couldn’t have found a better organisation to start with. From the very first emails expressing interest I have been supported and guided in the right direction by the ATR team. Participating in the tour for 2022 and then moving in to comp (challenge) this year as recommended by the ATR team has proven to be a great foundation to develop my car and also as tarmac rally driver. 


The events are run smoothly and I believe this comes down to all the effort and great communication from the ATR team. 


The ATR community has great sense of  comradery and this is testament to the values and passion for tarmac rally that thrive inside the ATR family and company. 


I’ve always wanted to do tarmac rally, so as long as ATR is running I’ll be supporting and participating for many years to come. 


Also big thanks to Event solutions, Volunteers, AASA and the communities that allow ATR events.


Can’t wait for the next event. Keep ‘‘em coming…


- Jeremy Dennison

I’ve been running ATR (and previously Mountain Motorsport) events for over 10 years and I cannot recommend them more highly to both novice & experienced competitors.


Safety is recognised as one of the most critical factors in Tarmac rallies, and the level of safety provided on ATR events by Race Solutions is the “gold standard” for any Motorsport event. 


The usual event format where stages are run on the same road, but in different lengths & directions, and with a central service park, offer an event with almost no transport stages. This makes reconnaissance of stages easy, and provides the opportunity for much more social interaction between competitors both at the service park and the included Saturday night dinner.

- Barrie Smith

I have been competing in Tarmac Rallies in different cars since 2010. I was hooked from the very first time I helped as service crew for a fellow competitor. Having raced many times around Tasmania, I now find us racing mainly around the Victorian High Country with Australian Tarmac Rally (ATR). 

ATR is a breath of fresh air in our Tarmac Rally Sport. Having competed in other competitions and under different governing bodies, I can honestly say that ATR is just easier.


Whilst still being strict on safety and all other regulations, they make it “easy” to understand and comply.


Pam & Britt are always ready to answer any questions and do so without restriction.


Another reason ATR is the competition to be in, is that they are supported by Australian Auto-sport Alliance (AASA). 

ATR have a tremendous team of volunteers that make the whole event a memorable experience. They treat everyone the same whether you are a novice or pro. We have made so many friends whilst competing with ATR, that I can’t recommend ATR highly enough.

Well Done Pam & Britt. Looking forward to the start time for the next event.

- Andrew Bollom

ATR Tarmac Rally events are a major part of our motorsport calendar and we compete at every event if we can. The team run great events on excellent roads with a minimum of touring kilometres. They deliver at least 200klm of closed road special stages in a weekend. Safety standards are high & the safety teams are abundant & highly skilled. Great value in terms of cost & enjoyment delivered. 

- Greg Burrowes

I’ve been taking part in The Australian Tarmac Rally tour category for just over a year now and would have to say it has rewarded me with some of the best driving experiences I’ve had.


As a young driver who is new to participating in motorsport, the Australian Tarmac Rally family have provided me with the best start to my journey towards the competitive category of ATR National Championship.


Starting off in the tour category, has given me a good taste of what the competition category will feel like, as well as sharpening my driver skills and gaining valuable experience and support from their Tour Leader.


While I build my plans for my debut in competition, the Tour Leader is always there to set the pace for the tour group as well as to assist with formalities and best practices for the rally stages.


The Australian Tarmac Rally events are an event that I look forward to during the whole driving season with the ability to adventure all around Victoria from Marysville to snowy river.


Without the Australian Tarmac Rally, this motorsport would not be accessible for me, nor would I have ever considered myself a participant in the competitive field of Tarmac Rally. With the ability to use both sides of the road it allows me to focus and practise the craft of performance driving in the controlled environment of closed roads. I ‘m looking forward to competing in the competition field soon. (Uni dependent of course).

- Alex Michaelidis 

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