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Australian Tarmac Rally events are sanctioned by AASA. 

Please visit their website for all licencing and vehicle passport applications. 


       National Tarmac Rally Licence Application/Tarmac Rally Navigator Licence Application

       ($415 per person, per year)

       General Speed Licence (Club Race Licence) Application

       ($135 per person, per year)

click here for Vehicle Passport Applications (competition cars only)

Once you lodge the Vehicle Passport Application with AASA, they will immediately issue you with a Temporary Passport.


Prior to the issue of the full AASA Passport, you will need to have the vehicle inspected by a AASA scrutineer which you are able to do at any ATR Safety Checks pre-event. To assist with this, the Temporary Passport will permit you to compete at one event only.


*Please note: Motorsport Australia licences, vehicle passports or paperwork will not be accepted.

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