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Rally Sport will essentially fill the highly requested gap between full competition and speed limited categories, offering our competitors the ability to stay passionate, committed, and competitive, whilst adhering to a generous 160kph speed cap. 

Vehicles will be required to comply with full competition safety and technical requirements as per our ATR Technical Regulations, making this the ideal category for full competition crews who feel the need for a new challenge but still enjoy competing at the “pointy” end.
It is a speed limited competition and competitors are released at 30-second intervals.
Vehicle permits as per the competition category will be allowed in accordance with AASA regulations.
Cars are to have a AASA approved Full Safety Cage.

There is a requirement for two (2) occupants per vehicle.
Helmets, Frontal Head Restraint and harnesses are required as per the ATR Technical Regulations.
Crews are to wear apparel as per AASA Tarmac Rally Specifications.
All drivers must hold a current Civil and AASA National Rally Licence as a minimum and satisfy the organisers they have appropriate motor sport driving experience and competence to participate in the event.
RALLYSAFE Safety Awareness System is unit must be fitted and is a mandatory addition to your entry. 

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