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We love our regional towns and communities, and a special community close to our hearts is Buchan, Victoria – once again playing host of our fabulous SNOWY RIVER SPRINT 2021.

Why not consider spending a couple of days in this stunning location, with nature on your doorstep and just a three-hour drive from Melbourne.

Nestled in one of the most picturesque valleys in East Gippsland, the township of Buchan is one of the oldest in Victoria. Established in 1873, Buchan has many attractions to entice tourists to stay and play.

Having almost all of the town and surrounds destroyed by bushfires at the start of 2020, then the on-going battle with COVID-19, towns like Buchan need our support now more than ever.

If the Buchan Caves sound intriguing, why not take a leisurely walk in the Caves Reserve admiring the native plants, animals and exotic trees and then join the Parks Victoria guides on a tour of Royal Cave or Fairy Cave.

Another great way to see the stunning scenery is to drive through the tall forests of the Snowy River National Park, seeing highlights such as the Little River Gorge – Victoria's deepest gorge – and Little River Falls, a 600 metre-high waterfall. Adventurous types can go white-water rafting down the Snowy River or four-wheel driving to the high country. The choices are endless!

For more information on all the attractions to see and do and where to stay, check out: VISIT MELBOURNE or VISIT BUCHAN


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