Run under AASA Tarmac Rally regulations, competitors are released at 30-second intervals.


Cars must have a AASA approved FULL Safety Cage and crews are to wear apparel as per AASA Tarmac Rally Specifications.


An approved (FIA, SFI or similar) head and neck restraint is mandatory for both occupants of competition vehicles. Vehicles shall be the subject of a current AASA Passport. Please consult the ATR Technical Regulations for more information on seat and harness requirements.

All drivers/co-drivers must hold a current Civil and AASA National Rally Licence as a minimum.


All vehicles shall be registered for use on public roads. 4.1.6 State Authorities, Concessional or Conditional Registration or Temporary Road/Vehicle Permits will be allowed in accordance with AASA regulations.


RALLYSAFE Safety Awareness System units are mandatory and provided at each event. 

All crew members must satisfy the organisers they have appropriate motor sport driving experience and competence to participate in the event in full competition. It is a requirement that all new competitors that cannot prove sufficient tarmac rally experience must complete two events in a speed limited category at the organisers’ discretion before being deemed eligible for full competition.


Regularity 1900 - Current

Rally Challenge 1900 - Current

Rally Sport 1900 - Current

Early Classic Pre 1972

Classic 1972 - 1985 

Classic Modified 1900 - 1985 

Early Modern 2WD 1986 - 2007

Early Modern AWD 1986 - 2007

Modern FWD 2008 - Current

Modern RWD 2008 - Current

Modern AWD 2008 - Current

Super Rally (Highly Modified Vehicles) 1900 - Current


Tour; 10 - 99

Regularity 100 -149

Rally Challenge and Rally Sport; 150 - 199

Early Classic; 200 - 299

Classic; 300 - 399

Classic Modified; 400 - 499

Early Modern; 500 - 599

Modern FWD; 600 - 699

Modern RWD; 700 -799

Modern AWD; 800 - 899

Super Rally; 900 - 999

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