This category suits road going cars with minimal changes to the vehicle.
It is a speed limited competition and competitors are released at 30-second intervals.
Vehicles shall be registered for use on public roads.
Vehicle permits as per the competition category will be allowed in accordance with AASA regulations.
Cars are to have a minimum of an AASA approved Half Safety Cage.
There is a requirement for two (2) occupants per vehicle.
 Helmets must be worn, and harnesses are recommended.
Crews are to wear apparel as per AASA Tarmac Rally Specifications.
All drivers must hold a current Civil and AASA National Rally Licence as a minimum and satisfy the organisers they have appropriate motor sport driving experience and competence to participate in the event.
Crews may not exceed 130km/h.
RALLYSAFE Safety Awareness System is unit must be fitted and is a mandatory addition to your entry.