Regularity is one of the most popular forms of rallying world-wide.


The format is based on achieving a set average speed on each stage while adhering to a 130km/h speed limit.


Target time competition provides the opportunity to compete in a rally that requires more than just going as fast as you can.


Penalty time is accrued for missing the target time and the nature of this competition provides a mathematical challenge for both Driver and Co-Driver, keeping the cockpit drama intense right to the finish line.


All vehicles shall be registered for use on public roads.


Vehicle permits as per the competition category will be allowed in accordance with AASA regulations.


Two occupants are required in the vehicle, and the driver must hold a current Civil and AASA licence and not exceed 130km/h on any stage.


Clothing shall be as per AASA Regulations requirements.


RALLYSAFE Safety Awareness System unit must be fitted and is a mandatory inclusion with your entry.