Well...where do we start?

When you last heard from us, we were gearing up for a massive launch to our 2021 season. A bumper field of 52 teams were ready to take on the Mt Baw Baw Sprint, with entries from all over the country, from regulars to newbies - we were set to go!

10 days ago saw us wake to a gloomy morning on top of the mountain, we should of known from that what the day was going to bring!

Rumours were swirling about Daniel Andrew's announcement, but we couldn't let that put a halt to all the hard work we had put in for the last 8 months. We went about our business. Spent 6 hours setting and taping up the course, the day before setting up documentation & safety checks and liaising with resort management on all the amazing food they were preparing for the weekend.

1pm hit, and that was us done. Victoria plugged into a 5 day circuit breaker lockdown. We had hoped for it to just be Melbourne area, but we were wrong. We sat and watched as the whole event had just been shattered.

Phones & emails starting going off with our amazing entrants and officials notifying us. We just sat there and thought..."what the ****...?"

4 hours to leave the mountain, and interstate teams had until midnight to get out of the state. Mt Baw Baw Sprint 2021 was shut down, just like that!

Pam & I always have the best interest of everyone else in the fore front of our minds and our first reaction was, how quickly when can we reschedule?

The weekend of the 13th-14th March was our date but unfortunately, the Baw Baw Alpine Resort have informed us they are now unable to host us. They have had some issues with private lodge owners and can no longer guarantee the permit and road closure we so desperately require to be able to run the event.

The management and staff of the resort have been awesome, but unfortunately, it's out of their hands.

So at this stage, it will be rescheduled for November 2021! Our focus now shifts to Snowy River Sprint, based out of Lakes Entrance at the end of May.

We would also like to thank everyone for the amazing messages & support we have received - it reminds us why we do what we do!

Just in case last weekend wasn't enough to knock us about, Friday saw the regulations around Facebook restricting the posting of news links and all posts from news outlets. While we are no means a 'news' page, our Facebook page has been caught up in the ban and has been blocked from the public and our followers.

Meaning, we are down and out to 24,000 people who follow our page and have an interest in our brand and events. While this might not mean a lot too many, 90% of our marketing and new customers are coming from this page.

Facebook is a good way for us to showcase what Tarmac Rallying is via photos & video footage. It also provides us to update everyone on event in the palm of our hands.

Over the past 6 months, our page has grown by almost 4,000 people and generates emails, phone calls & messages. We are hoping to be back up after raising a dispute with Facebook, but we are still sitting and waiting for this to happen.

Held in and around the picturesque town of Lakes Entrance & Buchan, Victoria, the Snowy River Sprint will now be our first round on the Australian Tarmac Rally Championship 2021 calendar.​

With a total of over 320 competitive kilometres over 20 stages, our Snowy River Sprint offers great value for money. The transport stages are short and our tightly packed field ensures a fast paced, full day of rallying. As a water-front town, Lakes Entrance is a very popular all year round holiday destination, including during winter months when the climate is often a few degrees warmer than Melbourne and is situated on the edge of Ninety Mile Beach where the Gippsland Lakes meets the Southern Ocean. To enter, click here!