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On Thursday 27th May, Australian Tarmac Rally had the pleasure of visiting the Buchan Primary School with six of its competitive crews and rally cars. Although our Snowy River Sprint event had been called off that morning due to a statewide snap lockdown, we felt it was very important to share our rally passion with the children and to honour our commitment made to the school, and in all honesty, we don’t know who was more excited for our visit – the rally drivers and navigators or the kids!

The children were given the opportunity to sit in the rally cars, interact with the drivers and navigators, and were also presented with ATR caps to wear and biscuits to enjoy with lunch. It was such a special day and we even had some news coverage from the local Channel 9!! We at ATR have also had the pleasure of working alongside the school in their campaign to raise funds for their “Wellness Dog” program by

advertising the campaign through social media and emails promoting this great cause to our competitors and officials. We are thrilled the fundraiser is going so well, with the puppy now secured and donations coming in, including a donation of $500.00 from the ATR team.

“Understanding the impact that the recent bush fires and COVID lockdowns have had on the township of Buchan and it’s residents is important to us at ATR. To bring a smile to the children’s’ faces and create some excitement around our event coming to town has been a joy. We are very much looking forward to returning in September and engaging again with this lovely community” said ATR Executive Director, Brittany Smith.

The Snowy River Sprint Tarmac Rally, which was due to run shortly after our school visit, has now been rescheduled to the new dates of 18th and 19th September 2021.

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