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Once again, we have found ourselves in the unenviable position of having to postpone our Snowy River Sprint 2021 to a later date, which is yet unknown. The 7-day statewide lockdown in Victoria, imposed as of 11.59pm Thursday 27th May, saw our hands tied and our ability to organise and present a well-run, well-structured event completely turned upside down. The motorsport term for the set of circumstances that unfolded is known as “Force Majeure”, the inability to solve the issues ultimately preventing the event from going ahead. We understand the frustration and disappointment felt by many of our competitors and officials, who have spent numerous hours (and dollars) investing in vehicles, equipment, and time away from families and work to be able to join us in Buchan last weekend. Brittany and I have also experienced an outpouring of love and support by the very same competitors and officials, who have showed us incredible empathy and kindness, and confirmed we are all in this journey together. A great disappointment to Brittany and myself, was the fact that we all were unable to come together as one big rally family, to hug, to talk, to laugh and to reminisce about the wonderful people who have left a big hole in our events and our lives – Shane, Leigh and Dennis. The Chairman of the AASA, Bruce Robertson, has assured us that all of the support mechanisms and services which were to be in place at Snowy River Sprint, remain activated and available. It is an enormous pity that we were all denied the opportunity to reach out, in a face-to-face situation. Chaplaincy, spiritual support, general counselling or just the ability to have a chat, are all available to the tarmac rallying family on an ongoing basis. Equally, guidance can be given to individuals, in a totally discreet manner, to assist with access to more specifically focussed services such as grief counselling and further referral, if that is what is needed. We are acutely aware there may be members of our rally family who need the support and comfort of someone to talk to, and we would like to take this opportunity to say, “Please, please, please reach out" Please contact AASA or ATR (details below) to arrange any of the above. "AASA is enormously disappointed for all of our sanctioning partners for the loss of events during this snap lockdown and understands the situation the ATR events find themselves in and will assist as best we can to support a recovery." Bruce Robertson said. Once again, Brittany and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has reached out to us. We are truly grateful. Now, let’s get to planning the next event!

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